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We are Stardust - NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered some of life's most basic ingredients in the dust swirling around a young star. The ingredients - gaseous precursors to DNA and protein - were detected in the star's terrestrial planet zone, a region where rocky planets such as Earth are thought to be born.


.....The Hubble Telescope:


The Cone Nebula


"Angels are calling us in, in the Night - there is something I must see in this night, this special night..." To hear this song and see the beautiful Hubble slide presentation, please go here to Denean's site, and click on "Hubble Space Telescope" in the center of her page.


Fluoride Levels Too High -
National Academies

Copyright 2006
by mary sparrowdancer

March 26, 2006 - A study called for by the EPA, and carried out by by a National Academies’ council has found that the current maximum levels of fluoride in drinking water create health risks. Health problems associated with fluorides include thyroid malfunction, raised cholesterol levels, acid reflux and other GI problems. Read more...

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Mary is a writer of science, health, philosophy and and the politics coloring all of it. She has extensive training in clinical laboratory sciences, including bacteriology, microscopic evaluation, pathology studies, hematology, and electroencephalography - and in veterinary and wildlife sciences, including ornithology. She has personally provided free, humane care for over 20,000 wild birds and wild animals. Her studies, research and writing, including biblical studies in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English, have been ongoing for more than 30 years.

Mary's focus is now primarily upon the health, safety and spiritual wellbeing of humanity, as well as an instrument drafted to help ensure human wellbeing: The Constitution.


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"National Fluoride Database Launched by USDA" - despite the fact that nearly all of our processed foods are now contaminated with fluoride and most people are consuming far beyond the suggested upper limit of fluoride, the push continues on to artificially fluoridate the last remaining one-third of America's waters.
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The Love Song

He's back...and he's standing
closer than you might think.

Actually, he never left. Everything we
have been told about him is false. This is
not a work of fiction. It is the true, ongoing
account of the One we have waited so
long to embrace.

Everything we have been told
about everything else is false.

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Cover digital illustration "Homeless Christ: The Eye of God" by
deb hoeffner
© 2007 deb hoeffner, all rights reserved

The cover photograph
by NASA The Helix Nebula,
which is a composite of
images taken by The
Hubble Space Telescope
and wide angles from the
Mosaic Camera At Kitt Peak
National Observatory.
The photo is referred to
by some as
“The Eye of God.”


"Mary's latest edition of The Love Song is an inspiring love story about a love story. As she unwinds the strands of history embedded in the languages of the ancients and reveals the mysteries of our religions and ourselves, she tells miraculous stories of life and love in a way that soon taught me to keep tissues close at hand." - Mark J. Yannone, Congressional Candidate, 2008 candidate, US House of Representatives, Arizona CD 3

"I believe this is the most important book to be released to the public in the last 2000 years. Those who have a deep understanding of spiritual matters would not only love this book but would become a changed person by this book. It makes “The Da Vinci Code” and “The Secret” seem like light-weight preschool works. There is no other book, in any realm, that has contents of such importance and relevance to the human race as this one." - Doug Thomas, Composer of Music, Musician, Le Kiwi, New Zealand

"Congratulations. Thank you for bringing this message of peace and hope to the world in a style that is easy to read and understand and at the same time moves the heart! Blessings of Love and Light, - Robert Stone, Stoneman Productions, MauiFilms, Hawaii


"Controversial, factual, spiritually uplifting and utterly unique. This book contains answers that will make you ask more questions. Here's the simple recipe for peace." - Jeff Rense, Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Program Host,


"The latest updates for the upcoming Special Edition of 'The Love Song' places Mary Sparrowdancer in very privileged company. This latest work can be considered in the same breath as Carlos Castenada’s adventures into the hidden realms of consciousness. It surpasses the DaVinci Code in that it brings suppressed information to reality as opposed to speculation.

"The exposure to the deepest realms of reality that Mary is 'Initiated' into by 'The Teacher' are not for the faint of heart. How many beings are ready for this type of direct contact? Very, very few. It is all to Mary's credit to have the courage and fortitude to make this information public. It is a must read for all pioneers of this oncoming wave of Truth.

"You will be transported through the forces of darkness into the 'Openness of Light' by the resonating celestial sounds of your DNA. Perhaps an appropriate acronym is Divine Network Access.

"The Teacher through Mary brings forth the greatest message of Liberation, exposing the forces of evil’s delusional control, and bringing you to the crossroads of the following signposts: the continual fear of death by the darkness or 'The Death of Fear' by the Light. - Bruce Jessop Co-Producer of the documentary motion picture, "Fastwalkers"


"Mary's experiences reveal an ancient wisdom of love which is the foundation of all life. Love Song serves to awaken that which has been forgotten, bringing love to the forefront of our experience and hope to the doorstep of our existence."
-Michael D. Simon, Composer, Los Angeles


"While Christians around the world still await the Second Coming, Mary Sparrowdancer reveals Jesus the Teacher has never left us. Her ongoing encounters with him are illuminated with wit and wisdom in her marvelous 'Love Song.'" Bill Missett, Author of "Awakening the Soul: The Trilogy."

"The Love Song of the Universe is one of the most beautiful and uplifting spiritual books I have ever read. I am so much honored to have been given the privilege to translate this book into Japanese. I don’t know how many times I have read and reread it, but each time it never stopped bringing me such a sense of peace, love, joy, laughter as well as to tears. I am certain this book will touch the heart of many people in Japan, too. - Nahomi Fujita, Japanese Translator, Japan.

"I was overwhelmed, deeply touched, found confirmation and felt like I was given a big warm hug by the universe when I read this book, and I therefore felt inspired to translate the book into German so its love and simple, yet so profound message can be received by many more." - Marion Morningstar, German Translator, Germany, Australia.


"This is a handbook to life, love, and the future." John Shaw, 2008 Independent Candidate, Florida House Of Representatives.


The First Edition
in English,
shown below,
Actually, this was
killed from print
by the former publisher
while it was their #2
Mary never received
any royalties.










"The truth, no matter how old, never changes."

Selected review


First, by way of full disclosure, I will state up front that I am friends with Mary Sparrowdancer, who I hold in the highest esteem. However, we became friends after I read her book and had my worldview turned upside-down by it.

This is a work that needs to stand beside the great spiritual autobiographies, e.g. Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. In particular, the identity of the being who has become Mary's teacher for nearly two decades now (revealed near the end of the book) and how that identity becomes known are of the greatest importance at this period of human history.

Mary's experiences call into question the entire common understanding of what Christianity really is, a fact that is not immediately obvious from the book's cover or even from previous [amazon] reviews. At the present time, with copies of _The Da Vinci Code_ and related works flying off the shelves, it's puzzling that Mary's extraordinary work has not become more well known.

If you are a seeker wanting a deeper understanding of this cosmos of the spirit that we are all immersed in, this book will be a feast. If you wish to feel that you have touched the hem of Christ-consciousness, that you have come away with a glimpse of something illimitable, you will be hard-pressed to find a book more satisfying than this one. If you suspect that we have not been told nearly the entire truth about the core of the Christian religion, your suspicions will be confirmed.

I should also point out that this book is not an allegory or a work of fiction posing as fact. After knowing Mary and talking to her at length, I am totally convinced that what she is reporting actually occurred. Mary's story is not New Age fantasy; it is vibrantly, astonishingly real.

Finally I will just recommend that [amazon] readers of Philip Dick's VALIS and Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger books should read Mary's work as well. Those are the only works I am aware of that are in a similar vein as this one.








Elect John Shaw
2008 Florida House of

Have You Been To JAIL
For Justice???

(Thank you,
Peter, Paul and Mary)

Music Video

Sean Dix
has been
to jail for justice

He is the Victim
of one of the
largest anti-trust
cases in US History.

Learn how CNN
destroyed his
business overnight
and why this
should be important


"Sean Dix,
The American Dream
and Justice"

Mary Sparrowdancer
Copyright 2008.

In 1993, a gifted young inventor in
Manhattan named Sean Dix
created and then patented a new
dental flossing device called
FlossRings. His next patented
invention was sterilized dental
floss in five-inch segments that
would be inserted into the
FlossRings. These were
revolutionary advancements in
dental health care, but Sean did
not realize how revolutionary they
were at the time. He would not
discover until 1995, that his would
be the only sterilized and sterilely
packaged floss in the industry. Like
most of us, Sean assumed that all
dental floss was sterile. The
unfortunate truth is that it is not.

Click on Rense-Sparrowdancer

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New Fuel,
End of Fluoride Era

Copyright 2008
by Mary Sparrowdancer

If America’s farmers and city growers planted crops of industrial hemp today, within 120 days we could harvest an abundant new source of clean-burning hemp seed fuel oil that is safe, efficient, renewable, sustainable, edible, uniquely nutritious, and easy to grow. The cultivation of hemp oil could end our dependency on nonrenewable petroleum fuel, a dependency that has been dictated to us since 1937. In addition, this fast-growing, tall green plant is quite efficient in absorbing carbon dioxide contamination while also putting oxygen back into the air. The absorption of carbon dioxide and creation of oxygen is one of the most important benefits that old-growth forests once provided for us, however, we have not only polluted the air with CO2 toxins but we have also destroyed much of our old forests, leaving us with nothing immediately available to clean up our mess - - except hemp.

In addition to providing solutions to the above problems, unlike corn that is currently being grown for test fuels, hemp is easily grown without chemicals or pesticides and can be grown on poor soils. Hemp’s fibers produce paper products, clothing, and building materials that are far superior, cleaner, and safer than products made from trees, cotton, and petrochemical plastics. Hemp cultivation would allow us to restore, conserve, and respect what is left of the world’s ancient forests. If this plant is truly so very useful, one might wonder why we have not yet “discovered” it. The answer is that it was discovered long ago. Humanity had been relying upon superior hemp products for all of known history, but hemp was outlawed in the United States in 1937.

Some say it is merely coincidental that in the same year that hemp was outlawed, DuPont filed its initial basic patent applications for a new synthetic product called “nylon.” Coincidental or not, natural hemp was strong-armed out of the picture by placing an enormous tax on the cultivation and sale of hemp, a move that effectively taxed hemp out of existence in the United States. This piece of legislation was called the “Marihuana Tax Act” of 1937. (1)

* * *

Mr. Potato Heads
Off Food Crisis

By Mary Sparrowdancer
Copyright 2008

The latest “crisis” spreading throughout the world, the food crisis, may actually backfire on the giant capitalists reaping great profits from all they have sown without mercy for nearly a century. The US food crisis is in part being experienced because during the past 80 years, our government slowly formed partnerships with huge, profit-seeking corporations. Local food production was taken away from small family farmers who could not compete with big industry. The critical responsibility of providing food for the masses then fell into the profit-seeking hands of conglomerates that were heavily armed with chemicals, plastics, pesticides, fossil fuels, and topsoil-destroying machinery.

Like a microcosm of what would eventually occur throughout most of the world, people in the US became increasingly dependent upon the agricultural, chemical, and petroleum industries for the production and delivery of “food.” Diets that were once healthy became unnatural and based largely upon processed, powdered, light-weight, (easily shipped and stored) grains instead of locally grown, nutrient-dense, fresh organic vegetables and fruits. This dependency began in earnest around the 1930s, the years referred to by some as “the Dirty Thirties.” Those were years when corporate profits at all costs seemed to take precedence and business became more important than people. They were years when extraordinary examples of cause and effect occurred, as though a profound message was being offered to us if we would only stop and take notice.

Some feel the Wall Street crash of 1929 was caused by speculation over the exorbitant import taxes the Smoot-Hawley act was about to bring. This business protection act became law in 1930, and humans paid the price. The Great Depression grew and properties were confiscated. Other countries retaliated against the US, passing similar laws causing severe trade restrictions. The US State Department reported that world trade declined by “66% between 1929 and 1934.” The market for our surplus grains disappeared. Farmers lost their farms when they could not repay loans taken out for machinery, but the machinery did more than cause homelessness. The machinery had damaged the topsoil of the Great Plains. The damage was so great, the topsoil turned to dust and was carried eastward by winds. Black clouds sent a roiling message from the new Dust Bowl to New York and beyond, New York being the very home of Wall Street. The Dirty Thirties marked the birth of the synthetic, plastic kingdom.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in the 1900s a full 41% of the US workforce was employed in the important task of growing our food. By 1945, following the elimination of the small farmers this percentage fell to 16%. In 2000, the percentage of humans employed as food growers was a mere 1.9% of the workforce, because as the small farmers lost their farms and their jobs, commercial farming conglomerates took over. Industrialization meant commercial fertilizers would be used to force crops from the damaged earth.

* * *

(There is nothing more
important to Health than Love)

A Love Song
A promise across 1000 years.
"No matter where you go,
I will find you."
From The Last
of the Mohicans

Love Song

* * *

Love from the Light
by composer Larry Nickel,
"Kyrie Eleison," from
his spectacular
and acclaimed production, "Requiem for Peace"

* * *

Love from
Noel Paul Stookey
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Love from
* * *

AA Prayer to the
angels looking over us
Celine Dion & Josh Groban
* * *

Love from
Josh Groban
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Love from
Romeo and Juliet
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The Judas Code

by mary sparrowdancer

This is the paper that created a "run" on
Love Song of the Universe, and within
three days, all vendors in the US
including Amazon had sold all copies,
with some vendors selling used copies
for $70 to $200.

"The Gospel of Judas, Barbelo and
Long-Kept Secrets"

Revelations from this ancient,
supressed Gospel indicate
Jesus was NOT an Emissary
of the old War God of the
Old Testament.

He is the opponent.

* * * * * * * * *

Israeli Apartheid

Copyright 2008
by mary sparrowdancer

New Year's Day, 2008

The year 2008 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Nakba in Palestine. Nakba means Catastrophe or Tragedy in Arabic, both of which are deserving of a capital C or T. It is an ongoing Holocaust unlike any other the world has known. Sixty years ago, come May, a brand new “state” announced itself within Palestine. It named itself “Israel.” It was a well-equipped war state since the very beginning of its Zionist-planned inception, and its military was ready to roll. Since 1948, Israel has ethnically cleansed much of Palestine of its Palestinian landowners and inhabitants with force, turning the majority of Palestinians into an unrecognized nation of refugees. Israel then declared this stolen property to be the new homeland for “the Jewish only” state. Not a day of peace has been known for 60 years in what was once the Holy Land. At this time, over 5.3 million ill-treated Palestinians continue to suffer under the barbaric apartheid of what is now a minority Jewish population in their land. (1)

The world is expected to look the other way as imperialist Israel (partnered with the US) continues its savage insult upon the Holy Land and her refugees. In 2007 alone, the 59th year of Israel’s military occupation of Palestine, the Israeli military forces murdered 373 Palestinians, one-third of whom were unarmed civilians including women and children. The other deaths are regularly shrugged off by mainstream media as “terrorists” or “resistance fighters” or other accusatory labels suggesting that those who resist the Israeli advances deserve to die. These labels are used for those who dare to protest the barbaric, imperialist treatment doled out by Israel, and for those who have died trying to defend their families, homes, and lands against the invading Israeli military. The total number of Israelis killed during that same year was 13. (2)

The reason for such a disparity in the number of casualties in this “war” becomes apparent when one realizes that only the Israeli imperialists are armed with tanks, armored vehicles, planes, drones, helicopters, blimps, nuclear weapons, and gunboats. This is not a war at all. It is an imperialist attack by a military against a largely unarmed civilian population. The Palestinians, for the most part, throw rocks. Some have used old guns. Since 2001 they have fired primitive, homemade qassam rockets toward Israeli settlement areas in retaliation of Israeli’s ongoing bulldozing of Palestinian homes, uprooting of ancient groves and orchards, Israel’s ongoing murder of civilians including children, and Israel’s utter destruction of the Holy Land.

The qassam rockets rarely hit anything other than sand as was noted by Israeli Defense Minister, Yaakov Toran, who is quoted as saying, “…we need to remember that Qassams are more a psychological than physical threat. Statistically they cause the fewest losses…” And yet, the Zionist-biased media continue to portray the Palestinian refugees as “terrorists,” while portraying the offensive Israeli imperialist army, navy, and air force, as an innocent army, navy, and air force, acting only in meek and modest defense of “their country” - a country that does not belong to them, but belongs to the Palestinians they have been tormenting for 60 years. (3)

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines “Imperialism” as: “state policy, practice, or advocacy of extending power and dominion, especially by direct territorial acquisition or by gaining political and economic control of other areas. Because it always involves the use of power, whether military force or some subtler form, imperialism has often been considered morally reprehensible…” (4)

As we begin a new year, one might wonder when the imperialism of Zionism will finally be recognized for the malignancy that it is. The Zionist imperialists are holding 1.4 million Palestinians captive in the Gaza Strip at this time. The people of Gaza cannot escape. After closing all of Gaza’s borders, the Zionist Israeli imperialists have cut off much of Gaza’s food and fuel, they have stopped mail delivery, and with US approval, they have closed down Western Union and blocked the ability of others to send simple food money to the innocent who are starving, thirsting, and suffering in Gaza.

While the film “Charlie Wilson’s War” enjoys some approval at this time, one might also wonder when someone in the US Congress will finally notice the suffering of the Palestinians at the hands of the imperialist, invading, apartheid military known as Israel. For 60 years, the unarmed Palestinian civilians have been asking for the world to please help them.

It is my prayer that in 2008, the world will finally hear the pleas of the Palestinians, and that many compassionate people will come forward and help the oppressed.

This is my prayer.

mary sparrowdancer is the author of a bestselling book, and an independent

1. U.S. State Department, “Israel and the Occupied Territories,” 2005. (1/1/2008)
2004/ 41723.htm

2. B’tslem, Year End Report for 2007. (1/1/2008)
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3. Yaakov Toran, Defense Ministry,
statement about qassams. “03.01.06” (1/1/2008)
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4. Encyclopedia Britannica, “Imperialism.” (1/1/2008)
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Zionist Starvation Plan

by mary sparrowdancer
July 10, 2007

Over 6,000 Palestinian refugees from Gaza, including children, babies, pregnant women, the sick, the elderly, and unarmed civilians have been stranded on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border of Gaza for over one month now.

Stranded in the scorching heat, they are without adequate shelter, food, or money with which to solicit help because the Zionist Israeli military regime decided to close the border passage between Gaza and Egypt. The Zionists had earlier built an enormous wall between Gaza and Egypt, destroying hundreds of Palestinian homes without notice in the process. The wall is a wall that is too high to be scaled, and those now trapped on the other side of it are being denied by Zionists reentry into Gaza. The Palestinians of Gaza cannot go home
. (1) Read the full article

The Invisible Holocaust
by mary sparrowdancer
June 10, 2007

As we celebrate Israel's 40th anniversary of their illegal military "occupation" of Palestinian homes and lands, it is perhaps time for the world to take a good, close look at Israel-an experimental, communist war camp that is posing as a religious state in need of protection. The entire world is afraid to even question the activities of the state of Israel, or hold it to international human rights laws. It is time for the world to spend a few hours with the invisible Palestinian refugees. The Palestinians are a nation of victims who have been brutally "occupied" against their will within a Zionist-created Holocaust for almost sixty years now.

"Occupation" is a sanitized word that no one seems to question or care about. The truth, however, is that "occupation" or "occupied land" does not begin to tell the full story of what has been done to the Palestinians. In order to more fully understand the matter, we will have to go back to the year 1948, the year in which Israel declared itself a state within the nation of Palestine, and then go back even further to see how this was orchestrated.

First, however, imagine if you will the Roman Catholics or Southern Baptists declaring for themselves a "state" within the U.S., in which they will recognize the human rights of only members of their own religion, and in
which they intend to seize homes, lands, orchards, properties and water rights belonging to others, and then drive out the residents who had previously resided in and around their newly claimed "state." Such a situation would not be permitted because it is clearly illegal.
Read full article.

in Action
by mary sparrowdancer
June 27, 2007

Within hours after publishing my last paper, "Palestine: The Invisible Holocaust," which focuses on the horrifying human rights violations being committed by the Israeli Zionist military against Palestinian civilians, something rather odd and unsettling happened. A stranger hiding behind anonymity phoned my 21-year-old son, John, on his cell phone with an insulting message designed to intimidate.

John lives in an apartment not far from my house, my house being the home in which John and his sister grew up. John and his sister are known by their father's last name, not mine.

Although I have never used John's cell phone, I phone my son frequently from my land phone here, and he phones me from his cell phone. It has been reported that records of all phone calls made in the U.S. routinely go through an Israeli-based company known as Amdocs, Ltd., which has offices throughout the United States. It has also been reported that private records of individuals' calls have been easily accessed and obtained by others. This was discovered after a group of bloggers obtained the phone records of General Wesley Clark for $89.95. (1) (2)

"Hello," the anonymous phone caller said to my son, "Is Mary Sparrowdancer there?"

"No," John said, surprised, because no one had ever phoned him before on his cell phone asking for his mother.
"She's not here, but she is my mother. Can I help you?"

"Yes," the caller replied. "You can give her a message for me."

"OK," John said.

"Please tell Mary that she is an anti-Semitic bitch. Thank you." The anonymous caller, whose own phone number was blocked from John's view, hung up.
Read full article here.


Israel: The Functioning
by mary sparrowdancer

For those of us who have been wondering what, exactly, "Israel" is, and why the US has been funneling billions of our tax dollars into Israel in support of this increasingly belligerent, unaccountable, terrorist state, president Bush recently clarified matters in a speech given at the Naval War College, in Newport, R.I.. There, he held Israel up as a shining example of a "functioning democracy" that other countries in the Middle East should emulate.

It is not clear what Bush's definition of a "democracy" is, but if it describes a sort of racially biased, elitist state in which only certain, select, members of the state have all rights, and the rest of the inhabitants are considered subhuman with no rights whatsoever, then the word, "democracy," is currently undergoing a change in meaning. The above is a fairly good description of Nazi, Germany, and strangely enough, it now also describes Israel. It appears that the "democracy" word these days is popularly used to suggest any cause that one wants to portray as "noble" and "just" rather than actually describing the carnage that is reality. The word, "democracy" is now a sales tool. Anyone with a progressive agenda will want to use this word these days, but unfortunately, the word now more correctly describes Communism, which is a word that is no longer popular.
Read full article.